Queen Bee Travel Service | General Advices for Trekking in Chiangmai

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What do you need for trekking

• Medicines for headache or stomached, balm, band and etc.

• Soap, shampoo,toothbrush,toothpaste

• Towel

• Tissues

• T-shirts

• Jacket

• Sunglass,a cap

• Pants or trousers

• Sneaker / Sport shoes / hiking shoes ( rainy season )

• A pair of slippers

• Short pants

• Swimming suit

• Flashlight

Trek included

Meal on a trek included the first day lunch to the last day lunch.

Trekking equipment for instance : rucksack ; sleeping bag; mosquito net;

   life jacket; blanket

Transportation ( by pick up truck )


Traveling insurance

         Bodily injury coverage is up to 100,000 baht for medical expenses.

          However, tooth injury is not insured by the insurance.

         Coverage maximum 200,000 bath in case of death.

Left baggage, Valuable belonging in safety box and storage.


Remark :
At present, opium cultivation by the tribes people in Thailand is no longer to be seen. Frigid vegetables and flowers have been introduce into the area to replace opium. However, narcotics are still used in the form of illustration or advertisement by some trekking companies and guides to attract customers, aiming for their sole benefit. This might cause great damages to tourism industry at large.

Queen Bee Travel Service | General Advices for Trekking in Chiangmai

The following is fundamental information before trekking. It gives you as good preparations that will make you know how to act properly and be safe during the trek.

1. Be obedient and follow the trekking guide’s advices.

2. Do avoid getting invoiced with addictive drugs in any cases.

     Penalty is very severe 5 years jailed sentence to the death penalty.

3. Be respectful to local custom.

4. Trekking route is subject to change without advance notice by the warning of National Park Department
     and Tourist Police for Tourist’s safety.

5. A personal or valuable belonging despite with hotel or travel agency safety box is recommended.
    The tour management take no responsibilities of lost and damage of any belongings on the trek
    ( No insurance for lost and damaged belonging )

6. Never go rafting when there is overwhelming forest flood. When rafting appropriate cloth with the life jacket is a must.

7. Be attentive to the trekking guide debriefs trekking program and useful information.

8. Notify the guide and travel agent before trekking departure.
    If you have any kind of connecting transportation after this trip.

9. Be aware and have a sense of belonging in our natural surrounding by preserve and not causing any bad effect
    to the environment.


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