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       Chiang Mai How about driving ?

If you like to be free to go where you want, when you want, at your own pace, driving is a good solution. It is not as difficult as it seems to some people and it is not as easy as it seems to others. You must be an experienced and confident driver because in Thailand it is tricky and not only because they drive on the wrong side of the road. If you're from the UK , you'll be ready!

Fact is, Thais don't learn how to drive before using a car, it will come as no surprise that they have a very high rate of road casualties. A liking for heavy drinking (beware at night) and the widespread use of mobile phones don't help. But if your careful for two you should manage.

To visit the city and its close surroundings, like the Doi Suthep, the Sankampaeng road (factories, hot springs, Borsang village) or the Mae Rim area (elephant camp, orchid and snake farms, waterfalls) a motorcycle is more than enough. 
You can choose a full automatic scooter or a semi automatic one (auto clutch) better suited if you go in the mountain. Prices should vary from 100 baht to 300 baht a day (gas not included). 

Note that there is no full coverage insurance, in fact if you're the culprit, you'll pay for any damage you cause. Nobody in the rental shop will ask you for a driving licence, but you better have an international driving licence ready if you  ever need your own insurance to work. You will be asked to leave your passeport or a photocopy + 2,000 baht in deposit. 

The police will not stop foreigners if they wear the customary helmet, most rental shops will propose some filthy plastic bowls for free... they are helmets. You may prefer to spend 300 baht to get a brand new one, especially if you're to spend a few days riding the countryside. 300 baht is also the price for the ticket if your caught not wearing a helmet. Past the 15 of the month, chances are greater to see policemen on the hunt (nothing to do with the lunar calendar, it is just that their meagre income doesn't last that far).

If you want to go farther away from Chiang Mai, like the Golden Triangle, the Mae Hong Son loop, or the Doi Inthanon Park, you'll need a car. You'll find local rental shops or international names in the city. The cheapest car you can rent is a Suzuki Carribean, 4WD, the closest thing you'll find to a tin can. But at 800 baht a day it's a good deal. Otherwise a good full automatic sedan is enough to deal with the roads as long as you don't venture into side tracks. 

Gas stations are plentiful, only a few accept credit cards, so be sure to have some cash with you. 

On the mountain roads, trucks and buses can be agonisingly slow. Overtaking is an art you have to master if you don't want to be stuck in dense black fumes for 10 minutes. There are no rules, Thais can overtake in curves, or just 200 meters from you. There is only one thing to do, stay on the left side as much you can and stop if necessary because the incoming car won't. 

Expect to be stopped by the police along the way (at least 3 times if you go to Chiang Rai). They may or may not check your papers, your car, yourself... just smile and hope they like the football team of your home country.

A number to remember : 1155, that's the Tourist Police. In case of problems, they're the ones you need to contact. Don't let the local police handle your case.

          Recommended by Lonely Planet : Car & Motorcycle " The best agency in town for service and price "

         You can reserve the vehicles with us without payment in advance.
Please contact us for more information

Payment policy  : No pre-payment is needed. Cash or credit card upon arrival.   Credit card payment extra 3% will be charged. 


Queen Bee Car Rental Frequently Asked Questions

1. Driving Licenses for Chiangmai car rental service

International driving licenses are required or domestic country driving licenses.
All driving licenses to be able to be read in English.


2. How to calculate the number of day’s car rental

Rental days are calculated in 24 hours periods from the time you collect your car. 1 days rental is classed as 24 hours. 

If, for example, you collected your car @ noon on the 1st  of the month and returned it @ noon on the 10th,
you would subtract 1 from 10 to give you 9 days rental.

The time of collection and return being the same on both days.

If you return the car more than 59 minutes later than the pick up time, you will be charged an extra days rental.


3. Are there any extra costs for Chiangmai car rental service?

There are no hidden costs.

The price given is the total cost of the rental.
The cost is fully inclusive of:
- vat (value added tax 7 %),
- Comprehensive insurance,
- Unlimited mileage
- 24 hour recovery service


4. How much does it cost for an additional driver?

Queen Bee Care Rental first no extra charge for additional driver aged over 21 years but not more than 3 additional drivers.


5.  There an insurance excess?

The insurance excess (deductible).

In case of the vehicle is stolen or robbed. Deductible to be borne by the hirer is 2,000 THB

An accident during the hiring and the hirer who is the blame. Deductible 2,000 THB to be borne by the hirer.


6. Can I use my credit card to cover the cost of insurance for Chiangmai car rental service?

Our rates are set to include insurance.
We can't offer any discounts on quotes or bookings without insurance.


7. How is payment made?

The payment has to be done prior departure by cash. Visa / Master Card is preferred. However, extra charge 3 % on top of the payment.   


8. Will they accept Electron debit cards?

Queen Bee Car Rental  do accept the above debit cards.


9. What is the hours of opening of the branches?

Generally speaking Queen Bee Car Rental is opened from
8.00am to 7.00 pm Monday to Sunday.

10. How do I book a vehicle?

On line bookings need 48 hours notice.
The booking system will not book any cars with less than 48 hours notice.   

On receiving your booking we will email you back with the reservation number and any other information you will need.


11. How old to I need to be to rent a vehicle

The minimum age is 21 yrs.

The Motorbike Insurance Policy

1. Passport must be kept by the owner of a motorcycle until the motorcycle is checked after hiring.

2. In case of the motorcycle is stolen or robbed during the hiring 50% of the cost of the motorcycle is to be borne by the hirer ( 20,000 Baht )

3. The motorcycle owner take no responsibikity for using the motorcycle illegally.

4. Gasoline has to be filled by the hirer.

5. Hired cost can not be refunded in any case.

6. The condition of the motorcycle before and after hiring must be similar.

7. If the motorcycle is returned late. The hirer has to pay 20 Baht per hour.

8. In case of flat tire or puncture. Cost of repair, has to be borne by Queen Bee.

9. Break down or an accident, 24 hours service hotline Tel. 053-275525

The Auto car Insurance Policy

1. Coverage to the Third party
    1.1 In case of bodily injury or death. Coverage is up to 250,000 Baht each person or 5,000,000 Baht each accident.
    1.2 In case of damage. Coverage is up to 500,000 Baht for damage to the Third party property.

2. Coverage to the Motorcar
    2.1 In case of the Motorcar is stolen or robbed. This policy cover up to 200,000 Baht.
          The hirer, however has to pay 2,000 Baht for deductible. (vehicle costs 200,000 Baht)

    2.2 In case of the Motorcar damage. Coverage is up to 200,000 Baht for body of the Vehicle.
          Nevertheless, this policy does not cover engine damage which is not caused by an accident.

3. In case of an accident during the hiring. Deductible to be borne by the hirer is 2,000 Baht.

4. Driver and Three passengers (only 4 person) are insured by this policy.
    Coverage are as follow:
    4.1 In case of bodily injury, coverage is up to 10,000 Baht each person for medical expenses.

    4.2 In case of death or disability. Cover is up to 50,000 Baht person or 200,000 Baht each accident.

Remarks : 1. This policy does not cover the following:

                   - Using a motorcar outside Thailand.
                   - Using a vehicle illegal. A vehicle will not be operated to transport goods or drugs in violation of customs regulations
                     or in any other illegal manner.
                   - Using for racing or speed testing.
                   - Driving by any person who has expired international driving license or has no international driving license.
                   - Driving by any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs who can not control a vehicle.
                 2. All fines and court costs for parking, traffic or legal violations assessed against hired vehicle are to be taken by the hirer.

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