What is it?

It’s a ride up in the rainforest using a secure body harness suspended from zip lines strung high up the treetop canopy together with leisurely walks on skybridges.

How long does it take?

It is a one day tour including : about three hours in the canopy on cables and bridges, one hour trekking alongside Mae Kompong waterfall, about one hour having time for lunch and visiting the village. Add 45 minutes to one hour travel time each way. Allow 7 hours from pick up time.

How big is it?

Very big! The total length is almost two kilometers and it is probably the highest of its kind in the world.

Is it safe?

You are led by experienced guides who show you the easy way to be connected to safety lines continuously.

Where is it?

In the rain forest of Mae Kompong,. About one hour from town on smooth roads to an elevation of 1,300 metres. The site straddles an impressive river and falls.

What does it include?

A ride in the rainforest canopy for about three hours, some sky bridges where you can walk leisurely through the canopy looking at the wildlife and vegetation. Adjacent is the picturesque village of Mae Kompong where you can see traditional village craftsmen at work. Trekking along the famous Mae Kompong Waterfall. Pick up and drop off at your hotel is also included. We provide a delicious Thai lunch. Cool mountain air is an added plus – it is commonly 9 degrees celsius cooler than Chiang Mai Town.

What wildlife is in the forest?

An impressive collection of monkeys, deer, wild boars, bears and birds to name but a few.

Why is it called flight of the gibbon?

Because it mimics the way gibbons negotiate thru the forest and because Treetop Adventures as a company are committed to the preservation and conservation of these magnificent primates.

10 % of our profits go towards Gibbon and wildlife conservation.